Rainbow Jackpots Slot Review


This Irish-themed video slot has 5-reels, 20-paylines and a whole lot of leprechauns so you better be ready to get your Irish on! Being of Irish descent myself, I happen to love this slot. Maybe it’s the red-haired leprechaun dancing whimsically behind a colorful rainbow or the ton of bonus features. Either way, I am in!

Rainbow Jackpots is powered by Red Tiger Gaming which is a less known software provider but nonetheless, has pretty amazing graphics. You will find a mix of classic symbols along with top-paying coin symbols which are: leprechaun’s hat, horseshow, golden clover as well as the wild golden coin (which is the highest paying symbol giving you 800 coins for 5 of a kind!). 
Look out for a Pot of Gold as well as Beer Mug symbols which will represent this slot’s Scatters and they will trigger the free spins feature. As per usual, you will have to land on 3 of a kind in order to activate ANY feature whatsoever.

You can test your luck out on Rainbow Jackpots from $.20 up to $500 per spin! A little something for everyone I’d say. A few quick things to look forward to on this slot: the Lucky Leprechaun Features…. These will either give you three free spin scatters that will ultimately activate a feature where you can win up to 100 free spins and give you a chance at a mega free spin! 
Beer Bonus will get you to choose a lucky mug to determine your win out of a 1000x prize stake! You can even get a Triple Beer Bonus to make your win bigger. 
Lastly, there is a symbol swap feature where winning symbols will miraculously appear and during this feature, you are sure to get a MEGA swap for better payouts.

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Happy Spinning y’all!

Man Sues Caesar’s Over Mannequin.

Low and behold, another lawsuit takes places in the United States of America. This one however, may just take the cake. A lovely gentleman from Southern California claims he was scared half to death by a mannequin in his hotel room and sustained detrimental injuries while fleeing. Ok ok, try not to laugh…. too hard.
Granted, coming back to your hotel room in Vegas after a few drinks and seeing what looks like an intruder is beyond terrifying and his sentiment on the matter is not unfounded. However, this “intruder” happened to be a mannequin wearing a Miller Lite racing suit and to top it off, was locked inside of a glass cabinet. However, this guy was staying at Planet Hollywood, known for their famous movie memorabilia.
The man claims that the hotel should warn guests about potentially “frightening” décor. He is asking for 10K for medical expenses, trauma, and lost work wages. There has been no comments on the lawsuit as of now.
I mean, on one hand, I do understand where he is coming from with regards to the hotel’s duty to warn people about the existence of mannequins on the presence. But, I think I am leaning more towards this guys’ common sense radar.
If you stay at Planet Hollywood, you should certainly know about the movie memorabilia. And moreover, wouldn’t you have checked the room prior to dark and already knew about the existing mannequin in your bedroom? If not, wouldn’t you have a bit of a laugh once you found out it was in fact a mannequin and not an intruder!?
Comment your thoughts ☺

Play Starmania at Conquer Casino!


This NextGen-powered video slot with 5-reels and 10-paylines will give you all of the summer feels….. with just a little bit of space. The backdrop of this slot is really cool and colorful against a bunch of sparkling starts and planets. You’ll also be excited to find out that Starmania does in fact have a ton of free spins and the good old gamble feature!


The Wild symbol on Starmania is the big yellow glowing symbol with “Wild” written right on it for your convenience. And of course, pull up a paytable to ensure you are familiar with the slots wilds and scatters to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Anyways, this yellowish wild symbol will substitute all other symbols in the game with the exception of the scatter symbol. AND, you can only find this Wild symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4. ANNNDDD, it can also come stacked on the reels yayyy!

When you feast your eyes on the big purple bonus symbol, which means go time for the free spins feature. You have to land on 3 or more of them on the reels in order to activate. Once you get this, you will get 10 free spins and you have the chance to re-trigger the feature which is very cool and uncommon nowadays. You can also get extra stacked wilds on every spin if you’re lucky!


The last thing you guys will want to know is how to activate this Gamble feature business. You will activate it each time you land on a win and you click “Hearts & Clubs”. You can either double or quadruple your winnings if you guess the color of the card (double) and if you guess the suit in addition to the color (quadruple). BUT, wrong guess and all is lost ☹ Feel like taking a risk? 😛

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Happy Spinning ☺

NYX Gaming releases new roulette product


NYX Gaming has recently signed a deal with Authentic Gaming to bring to you….. drum roll please…. A live roulette deal! These two amazing software companies are now able to bring you live roulette entertainment meaning, they have officially added “authentic roulette” to their portfolio.

This will allow land-based casino’s to live stream games from the roulette tables on their casino floor to online players’. This type of gaming is very popular amongst Europe and we are now seeing its presence across North America.

This type of product will essentially boost live casinos across the board and garner lots of attention towards online casinos in general…. And land-based casinos for that matter.
Sooo, will you be trying NYX’ new Roulette releases!?

Ignition Player Wins Big!


A little inspiration to make your Mondays brighter…. Doesn’t everyone need this? Jon A. from Texas United States has won a whopping $158,274.52 at Ignition Casino! He was playing their popular “Five Times Wins” game which paid out last month. In case you didn’t already notice, this is the prequel to the game “Ten Times Wins”. Jon only put in a bet of $2.25 and bang, won the big one.

It’s stories like these ones that give me hope and keep me motivated to continue trying out new casinos and new no deposit bonus offers (for me anyways). It just goes to show you that anyone really can win the jackpot or even win enough to make this week’s paycheque stretch out a little further. Millions of people worldwide actually use online casinos as not only a career and their livelihood but as a supplementary income of sorts.

Even though you are not winning the jackpot, it is still worth it to play as the odds will ultimately be in your favor long-term! The more you play (and it doesn’t even matter which game you decide to play) the more you will win in the long run. So we suggest you keep spinning those reels and stay positive ☺ !

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Get Ready for Virtual Reality!


This is really exciting. Virtual Reality casinos are slowly but surely making advances and getting ready to make their first steps into the world. Online casinos have been around for a good decade or two now. However, virtual reality casinos are an entirely different ballpark. Picture a video game…. Or a computer game. Now picture going to a casinos home page and stepping into what looks like the start of a video game where you can actually walk around and choose blackjack, poker. Kind of like Sims.

Virtual reality casinos are basically using the same high-resolution imagery that a video game would use except at a much higher rate to avoid any lag times. This type of virtual reality casino provides a truly engaging experience for players as well as stimulating the senses. You can participate in real-time multiplayer games all while using cool-looking avatars. There is a chat function (like there is with most casinos) however it’s not only in real time but you can walk around the casino with others for the most life-like casino experience to a brick and mortar casino you will ever get!

There is even voice functionality features. Talk about actually being in a casino except, no driving time, gas money, and food expenditures. You can enjoy roulette all from the convenience of your own home. Virtual Reality casinos often give you a larger selection of games and the ability to chat with dealers in real time. I will say, as much as I love a good virtual reality casino experience, I did find myself so immersed in the atmosphere that I spent a little more money than I normally would.

If you keep your spending in check and let loose, you will have an amazing time!

Monday Free Spins on Playamo Casino


Brighten up your Mondays with Playamo Casino’s “Monday Free Spins”! You can get up to 100 free spins at the start of every week for slots: “Jack and the Beanstalk and/or Evolution”. What a way to start of your week am I right? Your free spins will be automatically added to your account on the Monday.

I’m sorry players from Croatia, Hungary and Serbia are not eligible to redeem this promotional offer ☹ You guys will also have a maximum withdrawal limit of 50 USD/EUR and don’t forget to fully verify your account in order to cashout.

You can only get one bonus per person with this promotion and you will need to deposit a minimum of $20 (EUR 20, USD 20, RUB 1000, 200 SEK, 25 CAD, 25 AUD, 200 NOK or 0.05 BTC). You will use your free spins by visiting the client area and opening up the “Bonuses” tab. Just activate the ones you wish to use/need and they will become available immediately after activating them.

Pros and Cons of Live Dealers

live dealer

I’m sure you all know what a Live Dealer entails by now but I will briefly explain just to humour you. Most Casino’s now have a Live Dealer section where you are able to play some of your favorite table games live. Meaning, there is actually a live dealer at some brick and mortar casino who is dealing for you (and others), essentially live streaming. You can usually open up a chat option and chat to the dealer. Player’s seem to like live dealers as they are able to better keep track of what’s going on in the game. For instance, when you place a bet, you can actually follow the ball to see where it will lay.

Live casinos/dealers also give you the ability to put a stop on your gameplay. By this, I mean that you are not directly tempted to go off and play other casino games like you would at a brick and mortar casino. If one game of roulette for X amount of dollars is your budget for the night, you are much more likely to stick to it yet still enjoy the live gaming experience a casino has to offer. And besides, you can play in your robe while drinking wine…. Something that is generally frowned upon at a brick and mortar casino.

Although live casinos have many advantages, one disadvantage would be their much smaller game selection. It is expensive to run a live dealer casino so in addition to smaller game selection, the minimum stakes also increase. This could turn some people away but I find for the most part, people will still partake in this relatively new gaming experience.

But enough about what I think, what do you guys think? Live Dealers, yay or nay?

American Dad Slot Release!


I know most of you have probably watched the TV Show American Dad…. Well, Playtech has just relased an American Dad-themed slot! Brief synopsis here: Stan Smith is the CIA dad. His wife Francine is…. Slightly ditzy but warm-hearted. Hayley (the liberal daughter), the teenage son Steve who…. Doesn’t have a prominent role. And we can’t forget about Klaus and Roger. Klaus is the goldfish and Klaus (my personal favorite) is an escaped alien from Area 51. Stan allegedly keeps Stan in his home because his employer’s owe Roger some kind of debt.

Ok enough about the actual TV sitcom and more about the newly released slot! This 5-reel and 40 fixed payline slot is interesting at the very least. Roger the alien is American Dad’s Wild and when you land on 3 or more of him, he may just give you up to 10 random wilds OR even trigger the “Wheels and the Legman Feature”. When you trigger this, the characters all chase each other across the screen and by default, leave a massive amount of wilds behind!

Something else to keep your eyes peeled for… the “Schmooblydong Bonus Wheel”. That’s right, you read that correctly. Now I could have chosen not to mention this wheel but I couldn’t resist the urge to share it with you guys for a laugh. Despite it’s odd name, this wheel will show up on reels 1, 3 and 5 and will give you a 5 Free Spins Feature based on every character.

Largest Mobile Win Ever!



Some lucky guy won 8 Million Euros on Mega Moolah! This crushes the largest win on a mobile platform in history by a mile. It was only a month prior that Microgaming’s Mega Moolah paid out an astounding 6.6 million Euros to another lucky player and only a few short weeks later, it pays out once again, this time completely blowing that number out of the water.

Once this lucky guy has been fully verified, he will be paid in one large lump sum! Can you imagine, a casual Friday night playing a low key mobile slot game and the next thing you know, you are a millionaire!

Just a quick suggestion from Free Slots News to you on how to save your money and avoid bankruptcy when you inevitably do win big 😛 It is highly recommended to hire a certified financial planner, invest and live moderately for a little while off of the interest. Invest invest invest and have your money work for you! Fill out a will as well as hire an estate planner to make certain all of your affairs are in order should something happen, your money is protected and will be in the right hands.

While winning a large sum of money is certainly reason to celebrate, remember that in today’s world, this sum doesn’t take you as far as it would 20 years back. Winners are also subject to tax so bear in mind, your entire lump sum will not be yours and budget accordingly…… Ok ok enough lecturing you about how to spend your wins. Most importantly, when you do win, travel, see the world, make memories with friends and family and make each and every day count!