Ravens galore – RagnaRavens WildEnergy online slot review

February 1, 2024
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If you’re a fan of the Marvel superhero Thor, this new slot with Ravens from Yggdrasil could be just what you’re looking for in 2024! Introducing RagnaRavens WildEnergy. The next in Yggdrasil’s Ragna series. And a nod to the Norse mythology from where the developer takes its branding inspiration.


Ravens and Norse lore, what’s not to like


Named for the tree of life in Norse lore. Yggdrasil pays homage to the tropes of Scandinavian mythology with its Ragna series. Short for Ragnarök. The final battle between gods and demons at the end of the world. First in the series was RagnaWolves. Featuring (unsurprisingly) wolves as the main characters. This time however, RagnaRavens features ravens. Birds often associated with connecting the earthly realm with the spiritual one. Two themes, one slot, and a massive jackpot to be won!


Living up to its name, RagnaRavens features symbols in keeping with its theme. From gods and weapons to runes, shields, helmets, axes and more. Look out for some familiar faces too. In the form of Thor himself, and his trickster brother Loki. No tricks in this slot though. Just pure excitement with 6×3 reels, 729 ways to win. And a 96% RTP! You’ll also have thrills in the form of WildEnergy respins. Multipliers and free spins too. Not to mention the giant jackpot of 10,000x your original bet!


So with that kind of payout to play for, what size bet will you be placing?


If you’re focused on budgeting, you can keep a tight rein on your finances with a minimum bet of $0.10. Enough to stay within your limits and give you the ravens slots experience you’re looking for. Or if you can afford to make a bigger play for the top jackpot. You can increase your bet up to the max of $100. Just make sure to keep your budget in mind at all times!


Once you’ve settled on your bet size, it’s time for the ravens to fly free! Spin the reels in search of a winning combo. And if you’re lucky you could trigger the random Super Wild Ravens feature. If you do, it’ll boost the multiplier to help increase your winning total.


Look out for the raven symbols too.


Multiplier wilds that can land on either reels 2 or 5. Once you see a raven on either of these reels. You’ll be awarded a respin, as well as a 1x multiplier that’ll increase with every subsequent respin you earn in the same round. The more winning combos in RagnaRavens you continue to find, the more respins you’ll win and the bigger your multiplier will be!


Those aren’t the only wilds you’ll encounter though. Get ready for countdown wilds too. In the form of Thor and Loki. These symbols will show up on either reels 3 or 4 and last for the duration of 4 respins. They’ll stay sticky too. And if you’re lucky they could propel you to new winning heights in RagnaRavens!


Finally there’s the free spins round!


A bonus feature that’ll activate once at least 3 scatters land on the reels. Not only will you have 10 spins to play. You’ll have the possibility of wilds showing up in RagnaRavens, along with all their added features as well.


Ragnarök might be the end of days. However, RagnaRavens WildEnergy could be the beginning of a whole new winning journey for you. Play to see where your fortunes lie!



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