Scientific Games Merges with NYX!

October 3, 2017
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If you’re at all familiar with gaming, then you’ve certainly heard of the software operator NYX as well as Scientific Games. Just last week, it was announced that Scientific Games and NYX Gaming have begun a merger agreement worth $631 million USD. This merger will be beneficial on many levels but the major points to keep in mind here:


  1. Strengthens Growth of Businesses: NYX is a huge company on its own but, coupled with Scientific Gaming and you have yourself a pretty unstoppable force. The merger will gain more games, new technology, expertise etc.

  3. Speeds up the growth of Scientific Games: NYX is already massively big on its own so with this merger, Scientific stands to gain a lot of new growth, new business as well as new gaming opportunities.

  5. Scientific Games adds Sports Betting: They will now be able to accommodate sports betting in a real-money wager system by merging with NYX’s industry-leading sports book.

All in all, mergers are normally a good thing. A way for two companies or two ideas to come together, pile their strengths and be stronger in unity. We are excited to see what’s in store for the merger and will keep you posted step by step!

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