The Do Not’s of Craps

September 11, 2017
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Craps is arguably the most exciting game in any casino but to be good at it and play it to its full potential, keep these 5 things in mind:


  1. Don’t try to beat the dice: It’s poor table etiquette to try to call the dice before it’s landed and you can’t think rolling four 5’s in a row means you will on the next! The dice certainly have a mind of their own and they should be treated accordingly.

  3. Don’t get in bad with the dealers: When you overwork a dealer (who I promise you is already overworked) they could make your life at the craps table pretty miserable. It’s the same at a bar or restaurant, always be good to your wait staff.

  5. Don’t “Buckle” the table: If everyone bets the passline and you come in and bet the “don’t pass” you will be the most hated player at the table. It’s much more fun when you make money WITH everyone else as opposed to being greedy. I know this is a tough concept for a lot of people t comprehend but just trust us on this one 😛

  7. Don’t take your sweet time: Don’t take give minutes twirling the dice in your hand to get them set in the right position. Know how to set them to your liking and roll. There is nothing worse than watching a slow setter at a craps table.

  9. Avoid centre action as well as the field: People often make the mistake that a payoff looks good and it becomes a sucker bet. They are there for a reason. Center action also has the worst payouts and the hardest hits so always avoid when you can.

Hopefully these tips help you at your next craps table ☺

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