The World’s Most Expensive Rum Part 2

February 13, 2023
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We said we’d bring you more of the world’s most expensive rum, and here we are keeping our word. More premium brands to lust over, and more casino jackpots to claim so we can afford them all. Sounds like a win-win in our book! Now, who’s buying the first round?

British Royal Navy Imperial Rum Tot – $3,000
We mention in our first article that rum associates with island nations and the Royal Navy. The Navy part, that is – we gave you more than enough examples of rum from the West Indies the first time round.

So what exactly is the British Royal Navy Imperial Rum Tot and why does it cost $3,000?

It’s an interesting story actually – for 300 years until approximately 1970. A particular type of rum was served to the Navy. And even made an appearance at royal functions too. While the tradition eventually came to an end, the Navy’s love of their special rum didn’t. Which is why 1,000 special bottles were created as a way of continuing the legacy. Dubbed Rum Tot, the rum is mild yet rich, with tantalizing notes of chocolate, coffee and tobacco. Unfortunately for the Navy, most of the bottles were sold at auction with just one kept behind for posterity. If you can find a bottle of Rum Tot anywhere, best you keep that to yourself. There could be sailors out looking for it!

Bacardi Superior Rum 1940s – $3,000
Yes, we know that Bacardi Superior already exists and is far more affordable than the $3,000 price tag here. That’s because this isn’t just any Bacardi Superior. This is one produced in Spain in the 1940s, and it’s not just a drink. It’s a prized collectible.

Bottled by Felice Alegre in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain in the 40s. This singular bottle contains a full 3 cups of alcohol for an extra kick. Because they weren’t messing around in the 20th century. And it’s better that you don’t mess around with this if you manage to find one at a private sale or an auction. As each bottle in this very limited range is now more than 70 or 80 years old. Handle with care and savour every last extravagant sip.

If you like expensive rum, keep reading…

Brugal Papa Andres – $3,000
If you like your rum delicately fruity with a hint of spice, you might want to hunt down a bottle of Brugal Papa Andres. But hurry, as only 100 bottles of this unique blend were ever made. So you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Sweet, smooth and velvety, Brugal Papa Andres delivers premium flavour with every sip. And can be found either online or via a private seller, if you know where to look. It won’t be available for much longer though. So if you’ve got $3,000 and a taste for the good things in life. Shop for this with a dash of speed.

Bacardi Millennium Rum Atlantis Special Edition – $2,800
Another Bacardi rum, and another variant that doesn’t sound like it deserves such a high price tag. But wait until you hear about what’s behind the name and the dollar signs.

Obviously this is no ordinary Bacardi rum.

In fact it was made specially to celebrate the millennium, with only 3,000 bottles ever produced. Made at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Bacardi Millennium Rum Atlantis Special Edition is a taste of the tropics. With notes of vanilla and honey, citrus and other tropical fruits.

To finish off this masterpiece, It presents in a stunning Baccarat crystal bottle. Not a version of Bacardi that you’d ever find at your local liquor store. And signed by the president of Bacardi at the time, Ruben Rodriguez. There’s never been a more delicious way to celebrate the millennium!

Ron Bacardi de Maestros de Ron Vintage, MMXII – $2,500
If your tastes run towards the vintage, we’ve got just the rum for you. The Ron Bacardi de Maestros de Ron Vintage MMXII. And if you think that’s a mouthful, wait until you taste it!

Aged in 60-year-old cognac casks.

Maestros de Ron is distilled from several different types to produce a remarkable blend with flavours of honey, caramel, nutmeg, cinnamon, coffee and sandalwood. And as if that wasn’t enough to recommend it. It’s also housed in an exquisite handmade crystal decanter, finished in walnut and resting in a leather-bound case.

If that sounds like the right fit for your liquor cabinet, you may be interested to know that while 1,000 bottles of Maestros de Ron exist, only 200 sold to the general public. So finding a bottle may prove difficult. If you’ve got $2,500 and a little time and ingenuity however, you might just strike it lucky. Cheers!

Pyrat Rum Cask 1623 – $2,000
Rum aficionados, have we got the collectible for you! It’s the Pyrat Cask 1623 and it’s one that blends from nine different Carribbean rums and aged for at least 40 years to create the smoothest, sweetest flavour.

Reminiscent of the tropics from where it comes.

The Pyrat Cask 1623 is a heady mix of caramel, citrus and honey, with notes of spice to round it off. It’s blessed by the patron saint of bartenders and restauranteurs, Hoti, whose image appears on its decanter. Like most of the other rums on our list though. Particularly with its price tag of up to $2,000. But if you do manage to come across a bottle, we’re joining you for your first drink, just so you know.

If you’ve got a thirst for premium rum now, that’s our fault, so apologies. We don’t have the budget for even the most affordable rum on our list. But you might if you manage to snag a casino jackpot! Try your luck at the casino and we could soon be toasting your win some premium rum, no trip to the islands needed.

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