You can now use EcoPays in UK!

May 1, 2018
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EcoPays provides a safe and efficient money transfer method which millions of people use around the globe. There is an EcoCard that exists which is a prepaid account that allows you to make online payments to institutions. They have 47 currencies in over 173 countries! EcoPayz is a big deal to us because it’s a very convenient way to deposit and withdraw money while using online casinos. It adds a layer of protection between you and your banking info (credit card, chequing accounts etc).


The bigger shock to us is that it has now become available in the UK! Given their strict compliance with anything online casino related, it’s a gold star for EcoPayz and speaks volumes as to their customer service and security protection standards.


Yay for players in the UK who actually want to use EcoPayz for online casinos now!


Good Luck 🙂 !

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