Competitive Pac Man comes to Casinos!

October 10, 2017
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Who here hasn’t heard of Pac Man, right? All Pac Man fans will be happy to hear that a competitive Pac Man will be coming to casinos very shortly! Well, by shortly, we mean next year. The idea is they’re putting 2-4 players against each other with a cash prize up for grabs. Sign me up!


The game will be based on Pac-Man Battle of 2011, the popular arcade game. The casino game will look essentially like a table with four handles on it (for up to 4 players) that will battle each other for prizes! PacMan has entered into a partnership with Gamblit and Namco games anticipating to attract a younger audience in the casino.


This new version of Pac Man will use the same basic principal as the original game (each pac man attempts to eat as many pellets as possible before getting destroyed by the goblins!) BUT, instead of quarters (like the original Arcade Game) you will be able to play for quite a bit of money. Hopefully even double it! So if you think you’re good at Pac Man, put your money where your mouth is!


Who is ready to try some competitive Pac Man at a casino near you!?

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