Dr. Lovemore

February 4, 2018
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In preparation for Valentine’s Day, let us celebrate with Playtech’s Dr. Lovemore slot. Now I know not all of you are a huge fan of the romantic Hallmark holiday however, you have slots to turn to 😛 And this one has crisp graphics and a ton of easily hit payouts!


If you’re new at the slot game, you may want to adjust your coin ranges also known as “bet per line” to ensure you are playing within your limits. You can play from 0.01 to $5. You can also adjust your paylines to choose which ones you would like active or not. If you live life on the edge, then “Bet Max” is for you which will allow you to bet the maximum of $5 per spin. 


The ideal situation for Dr. Lovemore is when you find the Pants symbol on reels 1 and 5. This little combo will earn you 20 free spins and, during the bonus round, all of your wins are doubled.


You will also find a lottery inspired sidegame titled “Dollar Ball” on the sidelines. This can be triggered at any time and you will need to choose 5 numbers out of 49. The numbers get drawn completely at random and obviously, the more numbers you guessed right, the more you win. If all 5 numbers you guessed are drawn, you win the jackpot which has been rumoured to be around 10,000 coins! You can also win this type of money when all 5 wild symbols are on the same active payline.


Good Luck ☺  !

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