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June 10, 2024
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So, how do you find the best time to gamble? And, what makes gambling so endlessly entertaining? The fact that game outcomes are based on luck and chance. So no matter what your skill level or your bet size, there’s always an element of surprise that keeps you coming back for more. And it means that (for the most part) you can’t influence the results of a game – it’s all up to fate, which can be oddly comforting. 


But if you can’t increase your chances of winning outright, surely there must be something you can do to create more positive gaming opportunities than negative ones? Turns out there is – and it’s all about timing. 


Like any activity that involves money and chance, gambling requires a delicate balance of mood, strategic thinking and financial stability. And if these factors aren’t always in place at the same time, it could have a negative effect on your bankroll. Let’s take a look at how to achieve perfect timing in gaming, and how to hopefully boost your winning chances at the same time. 


When’s the best time to gamble?

  • When you’re in a good mood. 

It might seem painfully obvious, but it’s worth pointing out right from the start. When you’re feeling good, positive and upbeat, that’s usually the best time to indulge in a little gambling online. 




Because you’re in a good space, you’re thinking clearly, and you’re able to make rational decisions. Even better, you’ll be able to enjoy the whole experience more, without stress or anxiety wearing you down. When you’re happy and relaxed, you’re more likely to enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment rather than a means to a financial end. Which can ultimately take the pressure off and allow you to make better decisions, which could even translate into actual gambling winnings, if you’re lucky. 

  • When you’ve got your finances under control. 

The first golden rule of online gambling (and gambling in general) is to have fun! The second is to manage your bankroll while doing this – which can often be easier said than done. 


If you want to get the most out of your gaming every time you play though, you’ll need to learn how to limit your spending and only ever play with what you can afford to lose. How? By setting yourself a strict monthly budget and sticking to it no matter what.


You already do the same with regular expenses (at least, we hope you do!) like rent, food, utilities and more. Now just add gambling into the mix with a set monthly amount, and you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your gaming to its fullest potential. The more control you have over your finances, the more positive energy you’ll bring to your gambling – which can only ever be a good thing!

  • When you’re well-rested.


Surely getting enough sleep can’t possibly have an effect on your gambling, right? What do the two even have in common with each other? 


If that’s your first thought at this very handy tip, prepare to be surprised. That’s because when you’re tired or fatigued, you’re more likely to make poor decisions, which could have a devastating effect on your account balance. 


Instead of logging onto your gambling site after only 2 hours of sleep, for example, save your gambling for when you’re well-rested instead. That way you’ll be more alert, more focused, and more likely to make decisions that lead to positive outcomes. More critical thinking, less impulsive playing – you’ll thank us in the morning! 

  • When you have the time.

Is timing all about time? Absolutely! While we’re big fans of gambling during downtime, it needs to be time specifically set aside for enjoyment and leisure activities. If you’re logging on when you should be taking care of other responsibilities, or only giving yourself a few quick minutes between errands, you’ll be flustered and rushed, and you’ll be more likely to make poor decisions, which isn’t in your best interests. 


To avoid this from happening, and to protect your bankroll at all costs, make sure that gambling is something you can fit comfortably into your lifestyle, without it interfering with your other responsibilities. If you’re able to carve out dedicated time for your gaming in your day, you’ll be more relaxed and more calm, putting you in the best possible headspace for optimal gaming. 

  • When you’re alone (or with supportive friends).

It doesn’t matter how old you are, peer pressure can still be a thing. And when it comes to gambling online, that thing can be comparing your decisions to those of your friends, placing bigger bets and making riskier moves in order to keep up. Spoiler alert: that’s a one-way ticket to a losing streak.


When’s not the best time to gamble? 


It’s fine to gamble with friends, particularly positive, supportive ones – they can keep you motivated and keep your enthusiasm high. But the minute you start to feel pressured, or you force yourself to make decisions you wouldn’t naturally make, that’s when it’s time to step away. Playing alone doesn’t mean that you’re lonely – it means that you have a calm, stable environment in which to make important gaming decisions, with no external influences to lead you astray. Whether you’re with friends or on your own, make sure you always stick to your goals and keep positive outcomes top of mind. 

  • When you’re emotional. 


Are you angry? Sad? Depressed? Anxious? Or any other kind of negative emotion? Then it’s probably best you don’t gamble online right now. Rather lie down until the feeling passes. 


That’s because strong, intense emotions (even excitement!) can significantly affect your decision-making abilities. Leading to irrational bets and risky behaviour. And that’s not something you want on top of anything else you might be stressing about. 


So if you’re feeling particularly charged and want to take a break with a quick bet or two. Rather reconsider and do something else instead. It’s better for you to work through your emotions constructively anyway. Then once you’re in a more balanced, relaxed state of mind, that’s when you can get your gaming on! 

  • When you’re under the influence.

If your idea of a great way to wind down is to come home after work, have a few drinks and hit the online casino. We have some bad news for you. Gambling under the influence. Whether of drugs or alcohol, is something you need to avoid at all costs. No matter how tempting it might be to crack open a beer and place a few bets.


Why? Well, drugs we don’t really need to cover in much detail. Aside from the fact that they’re illegal. They’ll completely impair your decision-making abilities. Which could soon lead to financial disaster. And while James Bond might enjoy a martini with a game of Poker or Baccarat. You aren’t a fictional super spy (at least, we don’t think) so it’s not a good idea to follow his example.


That’s because despite alcohol being freely available in land-based casinos. Drinking and gambling are a terrible combination, often leading to reckless betting and significant financial losses. That’s why it’s crucial that you stay sober throughout your gaming sessions in order to remain in control of your actions and play responsibly at all times. Once you’re done with your gaming for the day. That’s when you can have your celebratory toast. Hopefully to a winning streak!

  • When you’re chasing losses.

Speaking of winning streaks, obviously those are good, and when you’re in one, you want to stay there as long as possible. That’s one side of the coin – the fun side. The other side is the not-so-fun part – the losing streak that could see all your winnings disappearing into thin air, along with your bankroll too. 


Not if you’re smart about it though. And that means putting the idea of chasing your losses right out of your mind. Because while winning is fun, realistically it’s not something that can happen all the time, much as we’d like it to. Which means sooner or later, you will find yourself on a losing streak, often through no fault of your own. 


So what do you do? While the kneejerk reaction might be to panic and scramble to win your money back. This kind of behaviour can lead to even greater losses, and you might find yourself quickly spiralling out of control. To avoid this from happening, rather than trying to win your money back. It’s best you step away from your gaming altogether. Take a break, clear your head. And come back another time raring and ready to go. Because just like there’s no crying in baseball, there’s no chasing losses in gambling. 

  • When you’re financially challenged.

This is probably obvious, but it’s crucial so it needed to be said anyway. If you’re struggling with money and you’re having difficulty paying your bills, you should NOT be gambling. Logging onto your online casino with the intention of winning money is not the way to solve your financial problems. Instead it’s the way to multiply them.


As we’ve said before, gambling should be budgeted for just like any other expense. And if there’s a period where you can’t afford it, STAY AWAY from the casino! Gambling should never be seen as a way of getting out of financial issues. All this does is lead to devastating losses and further financial hardship. 


For the sake of your mental and financial health, only ever gamble when you have the funds to do so. And only ever gamble for fun. Winning is secondary, enjoyment is everything – and always pay the rent first! 

  • When you’re tired or stressed.

Just as the best time to gamble is when you’re well-rested, the worst time to gamble is when you’re tired or stressed. Like drugs and alcohol. Fatigue and anxiety can also hinder your decision-making abilities. Which can impair your judgment and lead to impulsive actions. 


What’s more, if you’re tired or distracted, you’re less likely to think your bets through carefully which could lead to expensive mistakes. And using gambling as a way to escape from your stress and anxiety is just as bad, and could have devastating effects. 


For these reasons, it’s best to wait until you’re in the right frame of mind before you hit that bet button. You don’t need to be the happiest you’ve ever been in your life. But you do need to be in a space that allows you to think and act constructively. In a way that benefits you. Besides, being able to bring positive energy to your gaming is always a good idea. Combine that with luck and who knows what your outcomes could be! 

  • When it interferes with your responsibilities.

No one likes paying the bills, buying groceries or any of the 1,001 other tasks that go into adulting. But you do these things because you have to. If you don’t, that’s when trouble starts. And if you don’t do them because you’re gambling instead, that’s when trouble REALLY starts. 


As entertaining as gambling is, always remember that it’s a leisure activity. And should never take the place of your daily responsibilities. As tedious as these can sometimes be. They’re a necessary part of life, and ignoring the things you need to do could lead to bigger problems down the line. 


Similarly, if you start avoiding family and friends in order to gamble instead, that’s when you really need to take a step back and reassess your priorities. If you feel that your gambling is starting to become your whole life and not just a part of it. That’s the wrong time to gamble and the right time to ask for help. 


So, what do you think? Do you have enough of a handle on when you should and shouldn’t be placing your bets? It’s time to test our theory! Make a date to visit your online casino the next time circumstances are optimal. Stay away when they’re not, and see what a difference your changed behaviour makes to your outcomes!


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