Hot Slot: 777 Rubies online slots reviews

February 20, 2023
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Here’s a gem of a game for you and it’s online slots reviews. It’s Hot Slot: 777 Rubies and it’s every bit as thrilling as Hot SlotTM: 777 Stars. The latest release in the Hot Slots series, Hot SlotTM: 777 Rubies features a 5 Rubies Jackpot. Similar to the 9 Stars Jackpot of its predecessor. And every bit as entertaining to play for.

Sticking with the classic theme of the first Hot Slots title. Hot SlotTM: 777 Rubies features the same traditional symbols like lemons, cherries, plums, watermelons and 7s. With rubies taking centre stage as the main symbol. It’s all retro action all the way, and we are here for the online slots reviews.

Rubies Online Slots Reviews Slaps!

Just like Hot Slot™: 777 Stars, Hot Slot™: 777 Rubies also takes place on a 5×3 game area with 20 active paylines. You’ll also be playing for the same 500x jackpot with a 96.14% RTP to help you on your way. This time however, you won’t just have a trigger jackpot system to get you to the top payout. You’ll have magic respins too, and that’s where the extra fun comes in!

Don’t worry about your budget because Hot Slot™: 777 Rubies is every bit as affordable as Hot Slot™: 777 Stars. With minimum bets starting at just $0.20 per spin. And if your bankroll’s looking nice and healthy. You can take your bet size up as far as you like. All the way to an unbelievable $10,000 – although do exercise caution and make sure to manage your finances responsibly. This wouldn’t be the best online slots reviews if we didn’t warn you about that.

Bring on the rewards with Hot Slot: 777 Rubies  

As soon as you’ve set your preferred bet size, it’s time to enjoy some red-hot ruby gaming! And we’re mentioning the ruby because that’s the symbol you want to find on the reels. As the triggering symbol for the jackpot, the ruby has the power to award you any one of five top payouts. Namely the Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand Jackpot. Get 2, 3, 4 or 5 rubies on the reels respectively. And you’ll take home one of the thrilling jackpots in play – a good online slots review!

Plus! If you don’t get enough scatters on the reels to trigger one of the jackpots. There’s always the option to respin for one too. Let’s say you spin the reels and one scatter lands. You want to try and win that Mini jackpot, right? Then why not respin in the hopes of finding one? That’s exactly the option that Hot Slot™: 777 Rubies will give you. Allowing you to purchase a single respin and go in search of one or more scatters to complete your jackpot set. And finish your online slots reviews.

Depending on how many scatters you already have on the reels….

You’ll need to bet anywhere between 10x and 150x your original stake in order to spin a single reel. If the right number of scatters comes up, you’ll be a winner!

The Hot Slots series might be a classic one but there’s still plenty of modern excitement to be had. And plenty of winnings to be won too. Just choose your bet size, spin the reels and see how fiery the action gets! Go ahead – take your shot on any of the Hot Slots today and get ready for blazing jackpots! Enjoy our online slots reviews.

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