Massachusetts Casino had a huge month!

September 25, 2017
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We always enjoy a good casino story over here and this is no exception. Massachusetts Casino has had their second biggest month in 2 years! This casino had been witnessing steady declines in revenue for months prior. Plainridge Park Casino brought in over $16 million in June 2015, only 2 months after opening. Now, state officials have attributed this large number merely to grand opening of the casino and its surrounding curiosity.


Plainridge is now one of the most successful casinos in the entire country with a daily total of $381 per machine. Even though they only have 1250 slots on the premise, they are killing it! Not only is this revenue good for the casino but good for the economy. Last month, they paid $5.7 million in taxes and $1.2 million to support struggling horse racing industry. This could be the start of new job opening for people, taxes aid in building the economy, paving roads etc. This casino opening is such a huge ordeal for the state of Massachussetts!

Keep it going Plainridge!

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