SYNOT takes over the tables with European Roulette

May 13, 2024
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Who here loves European Roulette? If you’ve always known SYNOT Games as one of the world’s leading slots providers, this next piece of news may come as a bit of a surprise. That’s because this slots studio is now extending its reach and its portfolio with the release of its very first table game.

Having been in development for a while now, SYNOT’s European Roulette is sure to cause a stir. Designed to “redefine [the] traditional casino experience”. While that sounds exciting enough on its own, it’s also been created with mobile in mind. Giving you access anywhere, anytime, via your mobile device.

European Roulette is the game for you.

European roulette offers a refined gambling experience with its single zero wheel. Providing better odds compared to its American counterpart. Its simplicity attracts both novice and seasoned players. While its lower house edge adds allure. With its classic design and widespread popularity, it remains a timeless favorite in the world of gambling

Equally as encouraging is the fact that European Roulette is as suited to beginners as it is to gaming veterans. Promising an experience that’s completely immersive and completely thrilling too. Get ready for eye-catching features. Smart graphics, multi-language narration, and flexible, customizable gaming options with this game.

What does this mean for players? That there’s now more gaming diversity at SYNOT. More thrills, and more winning opportunities with European Roulette.

Daniel Augustin elaborates on more reasons behind new table games.

SYNOT Games Game Producer, Daniel Augustin, elaborates on the reasons behind introducing table games to their portfolio. One of which is European Roulette “One of the goals was to attract players with a new UI incorporating modern industry standards of the control system of the game and usability in the mobile environment.”

That’s definitely a goal we can support, particularly when there’s smart technology behind it to enhance the gaming experience. And offer more chances to hit the jackpot. Look out SYNOT Games. We’re ready to get the ball rolling with European roulette.

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