Vegas Crest players wins big!

December 11, 2017
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We love reporting big wins, especially around the Holiday season. Doesn’t it put you right in the spirit? Gives you hope that maybe one day, YOU could be the one winning the big jackpot J Richard from California won $303,839.57 while casually playing Money Magic, a progressive Rival-powered slot. I mean, can you imagine one Sunday afternoon, playing a classic slot and hitting the big jackpot? What would you do with the money?

Vegas Crest players wins big!

According to Business Insider, a surprisingly large portion of winners ended up donating their money to charities of choice and building local monuments in honour of loved ones. Others opened up that business they have always wanted to start knowing that they had a cushy fall back if all else failed. And of course, you hear the horror stories of people spending it all one a month’s worth of partying and end up in the same financial struggle they were in to begin with. I’m not sure about you lot but I would certainly be investing in real estate!


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  • First time gonna try this app.not sure if I will win money,alot of these apps are B.S.they just want you to watch the ads.they don’t I’ma see if there B.S or not.i will keep you all informed.i will be buck….

  • Love this app


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