A New Way To Play Baccarat!

July 11, 2017
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I mean, who doesn’t love Baccarat at a casino (land-based or online). It’s the Ferrari’s of casino games, let’s face it. Usually you need a significantly high betting wager to be able to participate in such a game however; you can now play for only $1!

There is a new mobile-friendly, mobile-optimized Baccarat that will leave you in awe. Basically, in Baccarat you can either bet on a Player win, a Banker win or a Tie. You’re merely an outsider looking in on the game and placing bets, as opposed to traditionally, being involved directly in the game. Traditionally, the player and banker are given 2 cards face up. The player has the option to receive more cards if they have a hand between 0 and 5 and the banker will have the option to receive another card if his hand is between 0 and 2. Let’s say the banker has a hand that falls between 3 and 6, he would have the option to pick another card.

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