Royal Frog Slot Review

July 10, 2017
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What better way to kick off the month of July 2017 with a frog-themed slot. Does anyone else think this screams summer…. Maybe a swampy summer in Florida? This Quickspin-powered 5-reel and 40-payline video slot has several wild cards as well as a ton of exciting bonuses.

One really neat thing about Royal Frog is that it has a “Wild Selector” Feature wherein players are able to choose the number of wins in the game. Soo at level 1 you will have a Princess Wild. At level 2, you have a the princess AND the Blue Prince Wild. Level 3 has the princess, the blue prince and a purple prince wild. Finally, level 4 contains a princess, a blue prince, a purple prince and a pink prince (a pink prince?) Please make note that the free spins during this slot are only available when you are on the free spins portion of the game.

The wagers at Royal Frog range from 40 cents all the way to $200 so that everyone has a chance to play at their desired level. Even if fairytale-themed slots are not your thing, you will certainly enjoy this one seeing as though there are stacked wilds with the chance at 160x your bet!

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