Hansel and Gretel Slot Release

The infamous NetEnt has just released a new fairytle-themed slot titled: Fansel and Gretel.

This 5-reel 25 payline video slot is powered by Genesis Gaming meaning, you are going to get amazing graphics. I’ll bite; it’s been a while since NetEnt has released a fairytale-themed slot…. I want to say last fall with Little Red Riding Hood, close to the release of the movie remake.

Keep your eyes on this slots Wild logo which is coincidentally, the “Wild” which will substitute all other symbols in the game except for any Scatter. Also, look out for 3 Scatters: The Bird Scatter which only shows up on reels 1, 2 and 3. The Treasure Scatter which may show up on reels 2, 3 and 4 and lastly, the Flame Scatter which may show up on reels 3, 4 and 5.

This slots gold mine is when you land on 3 Bird Scatters simultaneously ultimately activating “Withc’s Lab” Spins Feature. You get to pick one of 3 Bird Scatters to decide the number of picks you get in the Witch’s Lab Spins… and then, you choose a number of potions equal to the revealed number from the Bird Scatter. I know I know, it all sounds very confusing BUT, just follow the instructions very carefully and it will walk you through what to do.

Lastly, when you land on 3 Treasure Scatters at the same time, you activate the “Cave Door Feature”. A brand new screen will pop up where you will have to choose 1 of 3 cave doors. You have the chance to receive a multiplier of up to 100x! Keep in mind, this feature absolutely cannot be activated during the free spins round.

William Hill Finally Releases Lightning Box Games

I’m sure everyone has heard of William Hill before. They are one of the largest casinos in the globe and provide top-tier online gaming entertainment to millions. Lightning Box originally started in land-based casinos across Asia, Australia, South America UK and USA! They have been active since 2004 with years of player experience. Recently, they have partnered with heavy-hitter William Hill with the new version of “Silver Lion” slot.

Silver Lion is an African-themed slot which now features 10 paylines and has been fully adjusted to suit a retail atmosphere. The really neat thing about this slot is that there are over 1024 ways to win on 5 reels! Silver Lion has generous Free Spin features where you start off with 20 Free Spins! You can trigger an extra 5 free spins to boot. Keep your eyes out for the Tree Symbol which acts as Silver Lion’s Wild and has the ability to boost your winnings by 2 or 3 times. You can even combine them to win a huge 27x multiplier.

Now that you know a little bit about this newly released slot we can get into the background a little bit which speaks to the anticipation in which Silver Lion has created. Lightning Box Games managing director Peter Causley chatted about wanting to partner with William Hill for years now. Their combined expertise and knowledge makes for one killer slot which has not debuted in the UK! The slot was adjusted by BetDigital to ensure it meets all compliance standards within the UK.

William Hill has been reported stating that they are extremely happy to have Lightning Box Games exclusively in the UK and they are performing extremely well in both Retail and Online avenues.

Popinata Slot Review

Folks…. BRAND NEW SLOT over here. Popinata is a 3-reel 25-payline RTG-powered slot with eye-catching graphics and progressive jackpots. This Mexican-themed slot has a ton of Wilds and Re-spins available to tickle your fancy.

A few tips in order to get started, first and foremost, always always pull up a paytable. You will want to play with all the paylines activated and, you should always try and find a no deposit bonus to play! Most of them also come with other deposit match offers and promotional offers for you to take advantage of.

The most important icon to look out for in Popinata is the Wild Donkey Pinata because when it comes up, it completes a winning combo and expands to cover the entire reel. However, you will only find it on reels 2, 3 and 4. After this donkey pops up a couple of times, it will give you re-spins and this is where the big money is!

Another exciting feature about Popinata is that it lets you form payouts from left to right AND from right to left. Most other online slots only let you form winning combinations from left to right. This ultimately increases your chance at winning big! Popinata also accepts a ton of currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, BRL, SGD, MYR, PEN, ARS, PLN, CNY, AUD, ZAR, UAH, PHP, RUB, THB, TRY and IDR. You are free to adjust the 10 paylines however, it’s suggested to simply play them as is.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Get in the mood to party and play Popinata with all of their beer, fireworks, jalapenos, sombreros and tacos! And lets not forget, the guac is extra 😛

Fire at Bellagio

Source: BBC

Sooooo JUST incase anybody had a trip planned to Las Vegas, Nevada, be careful of the flames….. No seriously. On Thursday April 13th the Bellagio Hotel gathered a pretty impressive crowd of people for their infamous light show. The Bellagio Hotel & Casino has almost 4,000 rooms and is one of the largest casinos in all of Las Vegas. However, this light show included a rather hefty dose of flames and smoke. At first, onlookers thought this was all part of the show however, after several minutes of throat-clearing smoke, it was soon discovered that there was in fact a problem.

After 20 minutes of tireless efforts by Las Vegas’ fire department of 77 people, the flames were successfully put out and luckily, nobody was injured in the process. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined however, after careful investigation, it is thought to be the doing of electrical & lighting errors. Apparently the exterior panels of the building were likely made of a foam-like plastic material called: “Exterior Installation and Finish System aka EIFS”. Unfortunately, this type of finish can be highly flammable. This infamous finish is also present at Paris Las Vegas, Excalibur, Treasure Island, Caesars Palace and New York New York…. In case you’re thinking of staying at one of these casino’s during your next Vegas trip! Even though this material is highly flammable, many say that this is a widely used building material and that its flammability is not concerning whatsoever. Take that with a grain of salt and do your research before booking!

The estimated damage was nearly $450,000 and due to the fire, part of the famous strip is now blocked off until the pathway is completely free of any remaining debris.

Click on this link to check out a video:

Flowers Slot Review

This 5-reel 30 payline NetEnt-powered video slot will get you in the mood for Spring and Summer. Keep your eyes peeled for the Sun Wild and the Cloud Free Spins Symbol (one showcases one cloud and the other, two clouds). My tip for playing this slot is to keep a close eye on how many clouds are on each symbol in order to avoid a loss. Because of the fact that certain bonus symbols have either one or two characters can make it a bit harder to determine a bonus win.

You guys will need to land on 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 cloud symbols to win 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 free spins. However, keep in mind, you will need to land on 4 (normally 3 are only required making this a slight con). Sounds easy right? Think again! I mean, we have faith in you guys it’s just that it can take some patience to land on a bonus symbol when playing this slot. BUT, when it does finally happen, you will get the proper amount of spins and multiplier.

Another really cool thing about Flowers slot is that during the bonus game, the wild sun actually becomes a stacked wild and it has the capability of covering all symbols on a reel if it lands in the right place! And, you can trigger even more free spins by landing on more cloud symbols.

The graphics are what you would expect for a NetEnt slot but the fact that you need to land on 4 bonus symbols to trigger free spins kind of puts a damper on the entire slot. In the many years we have been playing slots; it’s very rare to have to land on 4 in order to get anything at all. This doesn’t discourage us from playing entirely but, it’s certainly something to be weary of.

Enchanted Meadow Slot Review

This is an incredibly beautiful slot to play! The colorful backdrop and the graphics are outstanding, surely to keep you busy for hours…. Or at least it did me. 🙂

This is a 5-reel video slot with 20 pay lines and a jackpot amount of $2500 coins! You can adjust your coin ranges from 0.01-5.00 which is a nice range with the ability to include everyone. There are tons of Bonus rounds with a House edge of 3.83%!

Keep your eyes peeled for the wild symbol which will be the tree. It will substitute any other symbol on the reels as most do however, when you land on the tree on reel 3, you can watch it grow exponentially covering the entire reel! Enchanted Meadow will keep you on your toes with its expanding wilds on reels 3 with medallions and reels 2 and 4! With the mentioned combination, you can get 5 re-spins and extra spins if the medallion lands on both reels 2 and 4 (you can get up to 50 with this combo!).

You can also look forward to Enchanted Meadow’s Bonus Game & Free Spins Combo. Get 3 flowers anywhere on the reels and you will ultimately activate a bonus game. You pick flowers to locate hidden fairies and retrieve your coins. When you find a wasp instead (let’s hope this doesn’t happen to you!), the bonus game unfortunately ends. After this, a number of free spins start with a multiplier of 2. During this round, if you see 2 or more fairy queens anywhere on your reels, your multiplier increases up to potentially 5!

Lastly, Enchanted Meadow has a “Gamble Button”. You pick any card when you have won a decent sized pot and if you feel like a bit of a gamble, click on the gamble feature and you can earn a chance to double or even quadruple your win! When you guess the color correctly, you double it and if you pick the right suit, you quadruple it!

Folks, MGM Resort is closing its Poker Room!


Even though this is all part of a grand renovation, it’s worth mentioning that poker tables have been steadily declining since 2007’s poker craze phase. The real question is: Do you guys think poker tables will continue to decrease until they eventually phase out completely?

I mean, if MGM Resort, one of the largest and most reputable land-based Vegas Casinos is shutting down their poker room doors, it begs the question, will others?

MGM Resort closed

Given this news, we want to know what you guys think! Comment your thoughts and we’ll respond back! 🙂

Do you gamble in St. Maarten’s? Think Again!

St. Maarten’s Casino

In case you guys didn’t know this, St. Maarten Island is governed by both France and the Netherlands and the danger lies within the Dutch side of the island. Security guards who reside on the Dutch portion of the island are not permitted to carry handguns making it very easy for armed criminals to take advantage of this situation and cause mayhem.

Even security guards residing on the French side, carrying guns don’t stand a chance against armed criminals. You hear of stories where gamblers, tourists blissfully unaware of their surroundings, enjoying their vacation and most likely, slightly intoxicated, get robbed while leaving the casino and armed security guards simply stand by and do nothing or are unable to contain the situation and fend off the criminals.

Next time you want to gamble in a tropical paradise, check out our blogs for the latest info! 🙂

Popular Deposit Methods for Online Casinos

Popular Deposit Methods for Online Casinos

Hi guys! Today i`ll present you most popular deposit methods for online casinos.

Popular Deposit Methods

At Free Slots News, we want to help make the online gambling process just that much easier for you so today, I’m going to run through a few popular (and safe) online banking methods that are available at virtually ANY online casino you decide to join.

Check or e-checks

Echeck Casino Deposit Methodare popular deposit methods and very traditional. Naturally, you won’t deposit or receive your money in the most timely manner with this method however, you won’t go wrong either. We also have EcoPays which allows you to withdraw money using a prepaid debit or EcoCard. They have been around since 1999 and they’re currently partnered up with VISA so, they won’t steer you wrong.


InitiallSkrill Popular Deposit methody founded in the U.K. in 2001 under the name ‘Moneybookers’, the e-wallet was rebranded to Skrill a few years back. Fundamentally the e-wallet offers the same service Moneybookers used to, but better! Its a very popular deposit method in casino industry.

As a Money Service Business, Skrill provides an expansive range of financial services to its clients through the internet.

And it’s probably because of its safety and security that Skrill is no stranger to the online casino world and has proven to be one of the most favourable payment options clients use to transfer their funds.


Neteller Popular Deposit MethodsIs another hugely popular deposit and withdrawal methods. They first came to fruition in 1999 and they are incredibly safe and trustworthy making them a widely used method across the globe.


Paypal Popular Deposit MethodsI’m sure you’ve all heard of Paypal right!? Well, you can withdraw or deposit money at most online casinos using Paypal. They started their company 18 years ago and are becoming more popular in the online gaming industry in the past few years.

Visa and MasterCard

Visa Mastercard Popular Deposit MethodsLast but not least, VISA and MasterCard! I can’t say enough good things about them.

Obviously, have been around for centuries and they are incredibly reliable and safe!

Happy Spinning! 🙂

MGM Resorts Poker Room Closes!

Closed MGM Resorts

In case any of you test your luck on the Vegas Strip, you’ll be interested to know that MGM Resort is undergoing a $450 million dollar renovation that will unfortunately include shutting down their 8 table poker room. Statistics show that over the past decade, poker has significantly decreased in Las Vegas.

There was a huge poker phase in 2003 when Chris MoneyMaker gained widespread popularity but since the US government implemented a new law that stopped financial instutitions to approve transactions for online poker as well as casinos, as you can imagine, numbers began to decline.

We want to know what you think, will poker increase again? Will Las Vegas continue to rip away poker tables?

Your Casino News for the day. Good Luck! 🙂