King Kong

November 10, 2022
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King Kong. Everyone knows the story of King Kong. The giant gorilla who was forcibly taken from his home in Skull Island back to the United States to be exploited as a curiosity. Before escaping to climb the Empire State Building in one of cinema’s most iconic and memorable moments. Of course the movie didn’t end too well for King Kong but we won’t dwell on that. Instead we want to ask the question, what would happen if King Kong went to Las Vegas instead?

That’s the premise of 9k Kong in Vegas. The all-new slot from Relax Gaming and 4ThePlayer. A game that combines one of the world’s biggest animals with one of the world’s biggest gambling cities. What could go wrong? Nothing, as it turns out – there’s no disaster here. Only the amusement of seeing dinosaurs do their very best Elvis Presley impressions. Which is of course why we got into online slots gaming in the first place. Pretty daring like king kong.

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Just like Vegas itself, 9k Kong in Vegas is set against a colourful, vibrant backdrop. With a 5×4 reel game area and an exhilarating 1,024 ways to win. Look out for fun-filled symbols on the reels. From flamingo dancers to bananas and cocktails, and of course King Kong, and the Elvis-inspired dinosaurs too. Make sure you’ve got your game face on. Because 9k Kong in Vegas is coming in hot with an amazing 9,216x jackpot and a 96% RTP as well. And just like Sin City itself. It’s packed with thrilling surprises like free spins, wilds, and a big win repeater too. Look out Vegas, King Kong is coming to town!

To get in on the action, simply place a bet anywhere from $0.40 to $70, or activate the extra bet option and raise the stakes to a maximum $105 per spin. It’s more to pay, but you’ll soon find out that it could bring you way more to win as a result!

Once you’ve settled on the bet size that best suits your budget, it’s time for you and King Kong to take over Vegas in style! Look out for the Kong wild symbol as this is what’ll bring extra winnings your way. Substituting for other regular symbols in order to help create winning combinations for you.

Now here’s something to look out for..


Something else to look out for is a big win, which in 9k Kong in Vegas is any win that’s worth at least 10x your bet. Once you trigger a big win, you’ll activate an additional special feature known as the big win repeater. A bonus that’ll see you spinning a wheel in order to potentially win that same prize again. Because why enjoy one big win when you can celebrate with two?!

Don’t forget about the scatters either, because once you find them on each of the three reels, you’ll be rewarded with 10 free spins. That’s not all – you’ll also be able to reap the benefits of both a highest win repeater and a free spins repeater too. Thanks to these extras, you’ll have the chance to repeat your biggest win and re-trigger your free spins as well. Giving you even more Vegas bang for your buck. King Kong has your back.

Remember the extra bet feature? The free spins is where this comes into play. By activating this, you’ll boost your odds of triggering the free spins round by 150%. And you’ll get an extra spin on the wheel in the big win repeater and the free spins repeater too. So if you can afford to place the extra bet, it could pay off for you and then some!
Vegas is the home of gambling and now thanks to 9k Kong in Vegas. It could be the home of winning too! Just log onto your casino, get the reels spinning, and find out if King Kong can make your jackpot dreams a reality!

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