Win A Day adds Bitcoin!

July 24, 2017
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Exciting news for all Win a Day casino lovers, they have just added Bitcoin as an accepted currency!! This is especially exciting given Bitcoin’s recent popularity and currency value in the exchange market. Bitcoin has been growing at a rapid rate since 2009 however, in recent months of 2017 it has really taken the world by a storm. In particularly, the gambling industry.

People love paying with Bitcoin because it has a “no muss, no fuss” attitude about it. Bitcoin payment are very easy and quick to process which ultimately minimizes lag time and the amount of time YOU as the player have to wait before receiving your winnings 😛

Win A Day Casino lets you use Bitcoin as you purchase it at any Bitcoin exchange first and foremost. Essentially being kept in a digital wallet and you can make deposits at the casino. For withdrawals, you will have to request that your cashout be sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet. With this new addition, Win A Day of course has a ton of new Bitcoin bonuses in place to take advantage of so hurry up and start playing!

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